If you go back in time and look at this post from two years ago (more or less), you’ll see that I came out in saying that I loved weird movies. That hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed that I also love horror flicks, but I don’t think I have much to add in that department right now. Well, I do, I just don’t feel like it right now.

I thought you’d appreciate something lighter instead. It’s summer, after all. Which is why I decided to share those comedies I love most. Once again, I won’t be talking about movies that are too recent, mostly because I haven’t seen that much of them. And also probably because I didn’t find them as funny as the ones I’m about to talk to you about.

Although I enjoy talking about the stuff I love, it doesn’t mean the movies below are the best out there. Well, they are for me, but I know that often enough my tastes don’t really match those of the majority. And, well… this is something I kind of pride myself for.

I’m so special. (hah!)

Note #1: Please consider that all the links, summaries, and images below come from IMDB. As far as the trailers go, they’re from Youtube.

Note #2: If you’re reading this at work, there’s a slight chance that the movie previews I linked below won’t be safe to watch. Especially the first title on my list. I mean, just look who’s in it, it should be enough of a clue!



While attending a party at James Franco’s house, Seth RogenJay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the Biblical Apocalypse.

Honestly, this movie was the funniest I had seen in a while. And, unless I forgot about it, I don’t think I’ve seen anything funnier since. First off, I love that it’s some kind of meta thing with the actors playing perverted versions of themselves. Still, we want to believe that what we’re seeing is the real deal, you know? It’s a pure delight, so many cameos, nobody taking themselves seriously… I mean, Michael CeraEmma WatsonChanning Tatum (who, in my humble opinion, provides the best cameo)? 

This thing is a pure delight from start to finish. I’ve seen it many times since it came out, and I know I probably won’t ever grow tired of it. If you haven’t seen this, I urge you to pen this as the next item in your to-watch list. You won’t regret it. 

Unless you don’t like crude or violent humor… if you don’t like that, then you might wanna skip it. 

WARNING: Speaking of crudeness, there’s one scene that could be particularly difficult to watch for some. Well, there’s more than one, but the one with Jonah Hill and the demon? Even I can’t laugh at this, and I would imagine it could even be triggering for some. If you can’t handle anything rape-related, don’t watch it, okay? We don’t see it happen really, but we see enough for it to be disturbing.



A rough-around-the-edges martial arts master seeks revenge for his parents’ death.

Okay… this one, I’ve gotten a lot of crap over the years for liking it. I mean, rare are those around me who understand how funny its is. Or, I should say, rare are those around me who also find this movie funny as all hell. I’ve watched the preview just now and ended up laughing just as much now as I did then. It’s ridiculous, from the first second to the last. 

Written and directed by its star Steven Oedekerk, this movie is not like most other ones out there. No… it’s more like a new movie made from an existing one, inserting a new storyline and actors over original footage. The best part, for me anyway, is how they made sure to keep the effect of delayed dubbing of the voices. It’s an integral part of the movie and if you watch it on DVD, you can even choose to watch the not dubbed version. Kind of hilarious to see the actors saying pretty much anything they want because it won’t matter in the slightest.

I’ll admit, many jokes are very juvenile. I don’t mind so much, because it’s so ridiculous that anything too clever would certainly look out of place. I mean, do you remember those Thumb Theater movies? Thumb Wars (a spoof of Star Wars), or Thumbtanic (mocking Titanic, of course). Same man behind those as well… it should give you a hint about the type of humor this little gem sits under.



Humans in a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival.

Unlike the one before, this movie was never meant to be funny. And no matter how often I’ve seen it, I can’t understand how that is. I mean, there’s nothing not ridiculous about this flick. The plot, the special effects, the actors… I hate to go and talk crap about actors, but I could have sworn it was some kind of parody. So of course, the actors would appear to be overplaying everything. And I honestly thought they did a good job of that.

And then I learned that it hadn’t been made as a comedy. I almost feel the need to apologize to its director, Paul Verhoeven. I mean, he did direct one of my favorite movies, Total Recall (the 1990 one with Arnold Schwarzenegger). I don’t feel the same urge to be sorry when it comes to the actors, though. I mean, apart from Neil Patrick Harris, I’ve never been a huge fan of any of them… not even Denise Richards. Don’t hate them, just don’t care all that much.

Anyway… how is it that one of the movies that made me laugh the hardest hadn’t been intended that way? I’ll never understand, I guess. Although learning about it did temper a bit with my enjoyment of the thing. If at first I thought it was a clever piece of comedy, I then had to admit that it was just a crappy movie. And it kind of hurts, I won’t lie. Just not enough for me to stop laughing at it. I mean… you’ve seen those bugs, right?

I’ll admit, I haven’t watched it in a while. And I never attempted to watch any of its sequels either. Still, I can’t deny the fact that this movie has been on my best comedies list for a long time, even though it’s described as an action/adventure/sci-fi type thing. Clearly, I wasn’t the target demographic for this little “masterpiece”.


THE NEW GUY (2002)

A high school senior branded uncool in the ninth grade gets himself expelled, so he changes his image to cool kid at the town’s other high school.

I’ve loved DJ Qualls for years. He’s the reason I even decided to watch Z Nation in the first place. But this right here? That’s my favorite thing of his, hands down. I even like it better than his portrayal of Garth Fitzgerald III in Supernatural, which should be saying something because I love (loved?) that character. 

Is this movie silly? Of course it is, and there are so many little goodies stuffed in there, it’s like pop rock candies for your TV. Anyone should see this movie, if only for that one scene with Vanilla Ice as a music store clerk. The first time I saw it, I rewinded it (yeah, it was on VHS) numerous times, ending up crying I laughed so much.

I won’t lie, I just went back to Youtube to watch the thing. Still as funny.

There’s another favorite artist of mine in this one. Not an actor, but a singer… Lyle Lovett. I love this man very much, am a real fan of his music. And, I won’t lie, casting him as DJ’s father was a stroke of genius. You may not believe me when I say this, but I kinda understand how Julia Roberts could have fallen for the guy.

And then there’s Eddie Griffin… what a treat, this role. I don’t know about him, but I myself enjoyed very much his character in this. He’s downright amazing. 



A flighty teenage girl learns that she is her generation’s battler of vampires.

This one… I’ve seen it so many times back in the days (I would rent it over and over again), that even my little brother couldn’t take it anymore. And man, did I laugh! That’s another movie that I probably found much funnier than it should have, I think. Especially when the series it prompted was much darker. Funny at times, yes, but still much darker. And, I’ll say it, infinitely better (I’m a huge Buffy fan, even to this day, fifteen years after it ended. Fifteen years? Really? Man, I’m old!!!).

Still, this movie needs to be appreciated for what it is; a B-movie, with mildly popular actors (at the time, anyway), like Kristy SwansonLuke Perry (who came back into the mainstream thanks to Riverdale), and Paul Rubens (you know, Pee-Wee Herman). Among them, a couple of more seasoned actors, Academy Awards recipients Hilary Swank (Best Actress for 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry and 2004’s Million Dollar Baby) and Donald Sutherland (Honorary Award, 2018). Even an uncredited Ben Affleck (also an Oscar winner) can be seen running around the basketball court during a game.

For the funniest scene of this movie, you have to wait for the end credits. Not sure anymore if it’s after the credits, or in the middle of it, but you have to wait a bit. That’s another thing that I would rewind and play over and over again. Anyone who has seen this will know what I’m talking about… for those who haven’t, I don’t feel like I should ruin it for you. Let’s just say that it’s one of those never-ending gags. You know, once is funny, twice or thrice is too much. And then it becomes funny again around the fifth of sixth time you see it.

I know it works for me!

• • • • •

Of course, I love many more comedies. I mean, there’s Airplane! (1980), Top Secret! (1984), Not Another Teen Movie (2001), the Bill & Ted movies (1989, 1991), Spaceballs (1987), most of the Jerry Lewis ones (with or without Dean Martin). I could go on and on. And for those who wonder why I haven’t mentioned the Monty Python stuff at all, well… I’m one of those who really don’t get it. I wish I did, but I don’t.

There’s also a whole lot of comedies I love that were originally in French, either made in Canada or in France. Mostly anything with Louis de Funès, for example, is a classic for me. And it’s hilarious, although I’ll admit that not everything has aged well. I could name countless movies, like Le Père Noël est une ordure (France, 1982), Elvis Gratton (Québec, 1985), Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre (France, 2002), Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (Québec, 1999), and many, many more.

I wish I could name all those movies that truly make me laugh, if only to remind you they exist or maybe introduce you to them. And, well, I just might go and watch some of them again when I’m done here. Or maybe I’ll try to find new ones to watch on Netflix… can’t only be watching crappy horror flicks on there, can I?

I hope you enjoyed this little list of movies… and now I’m curious to know, what’s that movie that makes you howler in laughter? That makes your belly hurt you laugh so much?.

I’ll see you next Wednesday for a new voyage into my (very) unfocused mind. In the meantime, be kind and be safe out there!


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