Image Source: IMDB

If I had planned to unveil my new website today, I hadn’t planned on publishing a new blogpost on top of it. But here I am, talking about the same thing people have been talking about for the last three days: Netflix’s new series, Insatiable.

Like a lot of you, probably, I heard about it before I even saw the trailer… and the first thing I heard was that people were super offended. So I watched the trailer and you know what?

I found it hilarious!

I had high hopes for this show. I really did. I’m one of those who wasn’t offended by what I saw, quite the contrary actually.

So I binge-watched the whole thing this weekend. Mostly because I was really tired and couldn’t do much of anything but watch TV and walk the dog when he needed to go potty. I watched most of it on Sunday (yesterday). I even made pancakes to watch it while stuffing my face with syrupy goodness.

I thought it’d be a nice touch, you know?

Now, if you haven’t seen it and would rather not be spoiled, you might wanna stop reading now. I mean it: Don’t click on the “read more” link if you don’t want spoilers.  Continue reading “INSATIABLE: A FAT GIRL’S CRITIQUE”