You know what I just discovered? Quitting antidepressants, even gradually, comes with side effects… Which means I’ve been experiencing with dizziness, headaches, and crying fits (more than usual)… but the dizziness is the worst of all honestly. Then other symptoms started appearing, most of them just relapses of my MS ones.

Took me a little too long to think about looking up antidepressants withdrawal.

I won’t lie to you, I’m feeling bad enough these days to just wanna start taking the meds again. Especially when it appears that those symptoms could be around for up to 90 days. I can only hope that now that I know, I can brush it all off more easily. That’ll be a harsh autumn if not!

This being said, it might explain why I feel the need to tell you about those songs that just break my heart pretty much every time I hear them. There are many reasons for those songs to be so heartbreaking; the style, the singer’s interpretation, their voice, the words, or even the backstory. And sometimes, it’s everything all at once. And some of the songs below share most of these qualities. Continue reading “HEART-WRENCHING SONGS!”