I want to start off by saying that despite my last name, I’m not really a chef. I’m not a baker either, although I do like to dabble in preparing food, whatever it may be. When I have the energy, that is.

I also have a definite interest in the Paleo diet. I tried to “live” by the paleo lifestyle a couple of years ago, and it worked wonders. Lost a bunch of weight and I could have kept going if it hadn’t been for how costly it can be, both in money and time. It’s a whole lot of cooking and, as I explained in last week’s post, it’s not something I can always do.

Also, I did come to miss legumes quite a bit (not something I thought I’d ever say). I mean, I love chili… all meat and veggies chili is nice enough, but something’s missing, you know? Also, as a slightly lactose intolerant individual, I had welcome the lack of dairy. Still, I missed it, and there’s a bunch of lactose-free products anyway.

All of this to explain where most recipes I’m sharing today come from. Doesn’t matter that I don’t HAVE to eat paleo, I still try and make recipes that can be on the healthier side. Who cares if the recipes are paleo? They worked nicely for me, are fairly easy to do, and they taste great.

By the way, don’t be startled by the “Pro Tips” below. It’s not me saying I’m a pro, I just feel it sounds better than “Amateur Tips”.

So… let’s get started, shall we?

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