It’s this marvelous time of year again. One where we get to be anyone but ourselves for a night (or two) if that’s what we want to do. One where we get to stuff our faces with all sorts of candies and snacks. One when watching scary movies might make it just a little bit spookier.

Horror has to be my most favorite type of movies. Maybe because, unlike most people I know, I only started watching them quite late in life. Which means I haven’t really been “traumatized” from seeing them too young. I know that not everyone was, but I had numerous friends over the years tell me they couldn’t watch horror flicks, mostly due to seeing The Exorcist while they were kids. KIDS! No wonder they’d develop an aversion to horror.

I was one of those kids who wouldn’t go against her parents’ wishes (or… orders? Maybe?). So when my dad told me I COULDN’T watch horror flicks, I just didn’t. And since I was never the rebellious child, when I went over to a friend’s house at about 11 years-old, I averted my eyes when I saw that she and her siblings were watching The Evil Dead. Kind of made sure not to be in the same room, but I still saw that raping tree scene. And now that I think about it, I can’t say if I ever did see that movie in its entirety. Maybe I was somewhat traumatized, after all.

This being said, I tried to watch the Ash vs. Evil Dead series, and I honestly got bored! Which is quite bizarre, considering the type of TV I usually like to watch. I might have to go back and keep watching it. And I’ll have to do the same thing with Wynonna Earp, which I kind of didn’t get hooked on, even though there are some clear similarities to that other show I kinda like… Supernatural?

Sorry, I’m not here to talk about TV, but rather movies. Horror movies. So let’s do that, shall we?

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