I love art… mostly of the painted kind. I mean, I love all of it, but I tend to be drawn (hah!) to painters more than other types of artists, like sculptors, let’s say.

This being said, I’m not a scholar. Don’t ask me what era this thing’s from or who painted it, there’s a big chance I won’t know unless it’s someone I already like or something so popular that even a chimp could answer. I also don’t tend to analyze what’s behind the artwork I’m looking at. Do I like it? Yes? Then that’s all I need to know.

Which might be why I don’t really go for things that are too abstract. I mean, I may find abstract pieces very nice, but again it will be a matter of finding it visually appealing. This might explain why Picasso’s cubism stuff does nothing for me. I really don’t get the appeal. What can I say, I’m a simple girl.

I realized a while ago that my favorite era for painters had to be the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. And, over all, I have four that I absolutely love. This being said, only two of them worked in that time period, the other two are (were) more contemporary. And by that, I mean the era, as one of them is still alive today (as I’m writing this, anyway). Maybe their style also would be qualified as contemporary. Honestly? I wouldn’t know. Like I said, I’m no scholar, never majored in art anything.

What I do know is that although I can find paintings of landscapes beautiful, it’s not what does it for me. What I prefer are people representations, hands down. And, apparently, I like them to be stylized, not just to be there on the canvas looking as if we’d just taken a picture. Continue reading “IF I HAD A MUSEUM…”