As you may have realized by now, this little blog of mine doesn’t seem to have a particular theme or direction. It’s not even a regular thing anymore. It’s mostly because I myself have none of those things…

Huh… didn’t mean to say that I’m not regular… not that I’d talk about that. I just thought I’d specify, you know? (Okay, shut up Kat!)

And I would hope the name of this blog is indicative enough of that. So, it’s kinda cool, I think… every blog post I make should be like a little surprise, like those toys at the bottom of a cereal box.

Damn… I knew I was old, but… do they even do that anymore? I would think that they don’t.

So, let’s jump into it, shall we? Today’s theme is about movies. Some kind of list, if you will. Except it’s not about just any type of movies, no… only the weirdest ones I’ve seen. Because I LOVE weird movies, especially the B/horror ones. It’s like they don’t even care about being coherent, you know?

Yet, they kind of are… to some extent anyway. Coherent, yet massively weird. Continue reading “I LOVE WEIRD MOVIES”