I told you, right? I told you that trying to keep a blog up to date would be quite the hassle for me, didn’t I? And, these days, just writing about anything (or working on whatever else I’m writing) is quite difficult. Nothing comes out as it should… I want to blame taking antidepressants again, but I think I just go through phases, going back and forth between creativity and braindeadism…

Not a word? So? What’s your point?

I went to a show last week, one I had been looking forward for months. I even promised you (can’t remember which post that was) that I would do an entire post dedicated to the band. Just the amount of work that would be is making my insides wanna curl up and die.

So, it’s kind of a blessing that during that last “creative” phase of mine, I started this post right here. I wanted to wait before completing it, mostly because I’ve published another one titled Heart-Wrenching Songs. Because, this or movie songs to make you cry, it’s kinda similar, ain’t it?

Well, I would say that it’s not. Because the ones I’m about to share with you, not only are the songs magnificent, there’s also a back story, a visual, a heartbreaking scene. I love when movie makers do all they can to make us feel stuff! Continue reading “BEAUTIFUL SCENES, BEAUTIFUL MUSIC”