Hey all… it’s been a while. Believe me, the will was there and still, there was no way. I’ve explained here why this may happen from time to time… Again, not an excuse, but a reason.

I had other plans for this next blog post when I stumbled upon an interesting guitarist on Youtube and one of his videos where he covers a song from the 28 Days Later soundtrack album, which I looooove! (The song, and the album… and the movie… love ’em all.)

So, it sort of reminded me about how there are some soundtrack albums I just love… and I’m a bit worried about having to name only five like I’ve been doing so far. So I’ll just have to go all the way and double the number. But in doing that, I’ll need to leave the gushing at a minimum.

That’s one hell of a challenge for me, by the way. Pacing myself as I write? MADNESS!!! Continue reading “THE SOUNDTRACKS I LOVE”