Pictured above: Travis Stever, Zach Cooper, Claudio Sanchez, Josh Eppard
Source: Billboard

When I started this blog last month, I said I’d be dedicating a whole post to my favorite band, Coheed and Cambria, but only after seeing their show. Not that I had never seen them, it was my third time, but I thought it’d bring another dimension than to just babble about what it is they do (which I’m still doing after all… you’ll see).

I know for a fact – and that makes me immensely sad – that they’re not that popular around here. When they come to Montreal, they play in rather small venues, especially compared to anywhere else, and I don’t even think it was sold out. It worries me a whole lot, actually. I’m scared that they’ll eventually decide to forego playing in Montreal altogether. *Insert panic attack*

But we’re not there yet, I hope. (By the way, thanks to those who thought it was a good idea to start booing when they announced they were at the end of their tour and would be taking a very well deserved vacation. Real classy, guys… that’ll make them wanna come back for damn sure!)

This being said, I’m not here to critique the show, ’cause I got no chill and loved it all. As I always do. They started out with one of my favorite songs from their latest album so, you know, I was a goner from the start… all right, I was a goner before I even bought the tickets… sue me! Also, I splurged on a meet & greet ticket, so that’s another awesome thing I had to look forward to. It stressed me a whole lot (in more ways than one), but it was worth it. Got a picture out of it too!  Continue reading “COHEED AND CAMBRIA & ME”