FAN + GIRL = …

First of all, I hate that term… “fangirl”. I could decide to like it anyway, because I am a fan of things and am, indeed, a girl. Except the term is usually used in a derogatory way. So, me no likey so much. Is there another term? I could decide to just call myself a fan, I guess.

This being said, for a lot of people, being a “big” fan of something can be somewhat ludicrous. As if loving something to the extent of spending time and/or money enjoying it makes us weak. Unstable. Insane.

I won’t deny the fact that some people might take their infatuation a bit too far. Those people? I’d argue that they probably have important mental issues. But most of us fans (of anything), we just appreciate some stuff more than others do.

I’m one of those. I am “infatuated” with quite a bit of stuff, I think. What can I say… when I appreciate a creator, I want to keep up with that they do. Usually in the entertainment industry.

I’m a fan of many things, to different degrees. Authors, TV Shows, and musicians are what will usually get me going. I’m not the stalker type either, not in person nor on social media, but I do like to get my hands on what they create.

I once was ashamed of what I liked and the intensity of it. Until I realized that my infatuations aren’t any different than people’s love for sporting events. Football, hockey, basketball, soccer… some will defend their favorite team(s) with a fiery passion, but THAT is apparently much more acceptable than eagerly awaiting an author’s last book or a musician’s last album.

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