October 17, 2022


Dear reader, hello!

Had you been a subscriber to my newsletter, you would have gotten a goody today in your inbox: A twenty-question interview with Judas’s agent, friend, and lover, Christopher Carlyle. Sadly for those “only” visiting the website, I have no intention of putting it up here. Not before the book is out, anyway. I mean, I have to promise fun stuff for people to subscribe, right? (I’d offer money, but I don’t have any!) 🤣

So, to make people happy and thank them for subscribing, I intend to have more of those in the coming weeks. Interviews with some of the other characters (the important ones, anyway), or bad drawings, or mood boards. Like what you can see above. It has both the bad drawing and the mood board. Aren’t you a lucky duck!

But If you don’t want to miss out, I would urge you to register. The link is somewhere below. Or you could even click HERE. And if you don’t, it’s quite all right. But… did I tell you the goodies were FREE GOODIES? 😋

Now, on with the actual newsletter.

Regarding the novel itself, I honestly thought it was ready for proofreading, which is scheduled for November 1st. I even sent it out, only to write my proofreader back to tell her I had an epiphany (of course, I did). Some stuff had to be corrected and added to make the story more realistic. So I’m still working a bit on it, but I’m almost done. For real, this time. Until I need to make corrections! Again!

I can’t lie; I’m itching to be done with it already. As long as it’s not out and printed, I’ll keep messing with it, I just know it. I don’t think there’s a way for a book to be entirely satisfactory. Or maybe it’s just me.

Plus, I miss those other characters, the ones in the first book of my upcoming series, Redwater Creek. I haven’t seen them in too long, but I had to stop and concentrate on Judas, you know?

I want to be done with Judas also because I’m eager to talk more about that series. It’s pretty different from The Salvation of Judas, so it’ll be a nice change of pace. Younger characters, different “issues,” no romantic plot. Much. Not in Volume 1 (The Book of Avery), anyway. Seeing as the two main characters are siblings, it would be hard to go there. It’s not that kind of story. There’s still love, but it’ll mostly be familial love in this particular novel.

Not much news today, I know. As I said earlier, subscribers to the newsletter got a bit more. If you’re curious to know what it’s about, you can check this website, it will give you an idea of the type of questions the characters may be asked. I was too lazy to come up with them myself. And I went for the shorter interview, too. I can’t go and reveal everything before the book is out, now can I?

So if a tiny peek into Christopher’s soul is something you would like, just let me know (either in the comments, or by using the contact link at the bottom). Once you have subscribed to the newsletter, I’ll send you the issue with his interview so you can catch up with the others!

See you again “out there” or next Monday! In the meantime, take care of yourselves and be as happy as you can be.

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